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What is a Nuzlocke?:  - A Nuzlocke is a series of rules set in place to make your Pokemon adventure harder.  Below are the rules. 

How to do a Nuzlocke:  

  1. The Nuzlocke does not start until you have acquired Pokeballs.  So if your starter faints, you are allowed to keep it on your team.

  2. The player can only catch a Pokémon and add it to their team if it is on a new route.

  3. If one of your team members faints, it is considered dead and you have to release it into the wild.  Or some people just like to keep their Pokémon permanently in their box.

  4. You have to nickname your Pokémon so you bond with it!

The Shiny Clause:  - Some people also like to use the shiny clause, where if you are lucky enough to encounter a shiny pokemon on any part of your journey you are allowed to catch it and add it to your team. 

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