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Dixie Chicks !LINK!

Its american psych 101, all the others were speaking to us and we could choose to listen or not; dixie chicks and jane fonda (fair or not) as unofficial ambassadors were speaking for us without our permission and that is a no no even if i agree with what they said!

Dixie Chicks

It is a shame, the Dixie chicks were amazing artists producing amazing music. It just shows that no matter who you are or where you are, letting your personal feelings get the better of you (particularly in an international and professional Spotlight) can be devastating to ones career.

Dear Idiots running this website.The First Amendment only specifies that speaking whatever is on your mind is protected against Govt. action against you, it has nothing to do with their being no repercussions from said speech. The Dixie chicks were a little too early. at the time, many people thought disrespecting the country and the president was a really bad thing (it is), if they had done this now (since the 0bamabots have taken over every normal chance of discussion, and apparently the Progressive pukes out there WANT to drive the country toward a 2nd civil war. Frankly, I welcome it, time to take out the Progressive Trash!

The dixie chicks are satanic scum, they had some good songs back when they were pretending to be good girls, but just look at them now. Bitter and black, mean faced and scornful. Good riddance to those dixie trash.

I can understand why the Dixie chicks would like to get involved with politics as they have the right to their own opinion. Everybody has the freedom of speech and if you dont like what their saying then dont read it. rant over ?

I read a scathing article in TEXAS MONTHLY about them I think it was called the FALL OF THE DIXIE CHICKS. The article talked about how they were brats, unappreciative, hard to work with and basically several rude chicks. How they had to have this and that on the bus and how they insisted this be like that. It was not a flattering article about them at all but it helped me to understand how they fell from grace.

Maguire: Totally! So we shortened it to "Chicks." We had a "Chick" tip jar. We had our first business card, it was chicken with eyelashes. So everything was "Chick this" and "Chick that," and we really didn't think about the "Dixie" until I think we were older. I went to Southwestern University in Georgetown [Texas] my freshman year and one of the fraternities had a Dixie flag hanging in the front. I remember that was the first time I just kind of was like, "I don't know why, but I have kind of a weird feeling about that." But then people were more concerned with the fact that we were calling ourselves chicks, and in interviews they would say "Don't you think that's degrading to women?" The emphasis was not on the "Dixie."

Strayer: It'll be a while. But it was interesting, I was trying to look up something to make sure something had changed on our website and I made the mistake of going to, so don't ever go to You'll be in for a big surprise. 350c69d7ab


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