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My Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Welcome to my Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke. If you didn't get to read on the Nuzlocke group you can now read it here with a lot less activity. If you'd like to become a writer here make an account and ask me to become a blog writer and I'll happily make you one.

Well, here's my nuzlocke...

Part 1. Hi y'all its This Guy and I'm so excited to finally have this posted! So for my first run of a Nuzlocke I'll be Nuzlocking Alpha Sapphire. I open my game to restart it. I had already moved all my previous Pokémon to Pokémon Bank, so I didn't lose anything. Once my game is restarted, Professor Birch tells me all about Pokémon (and I discover that I'm in the back of a truck, how I got there I have no idea). Then he asks my gender and my name. I tell him and then I finally get to go out of that moving truck. My mom greets me, I say hi mom when can I get my Pokémon starter? (In my head of course.) Once I say hi I go to my room and set the clock and read my book. Then I go back downstairs and mom says I should go next door to meet Professor Birch. So I do, and meet Brendon, my rival. I then go outside to find that Professor Birch is a Damsel in distress and needs rescuing. So I choose Mudkip and battle the Poochyena to the death. I won. Professor Birch thanks me and leads me to his lab. He then gives me Mudkip as my first Pokémon! Since this is a Nuzlocke I have to nickname Mudkip. I nickname him Muddy. Professor Birch then tells me I should head to Route 103 since that's where Brendon is. So I do. Nothing interesting happened on the first part of Route 103 except for me encountering a wild Wurmple and beating it, causing Mudkip (Muddy) to level up to level 6. (Muddy already had Water Gun at level 5 BTW.) After Route 103 I meet a guy in Oldale Town who explains to me what Pokemarts and Pokémon Centers do. After he tells me I heal up my Mudkip from that Wurmple battle. I finally meet Brendon again past Oldale Town which WAS STILL part of Route 103. After Brendon and I talk, we battle, and I beat him easily with Mudkip (Muddy) which also caused Mudkip to level up to level 7. Then I go back to the lab because Brendon did. Professor Birch gave me my Pokedex and Brendon gave me ten Pokeballs to catch Pokémon with. I finally go back to Route 103 hoping to add some Pokémon to my team. But ahead on Route 103 Brendon is waiting for me and shows me a tail sticking out of the grass. So I sneak up to it and it turns out it was a Poochyena at level 5. I catch it. Then I go to the Pokémon Center in Oldale Town and drop off the Poochyena because I don't want to use it on my team. Past Route 103 where you catch the Poochyena I encounter a Pokémon hoping to add to my team. It was a Wingull. Disappointed because I already had a water type added to my team, I head to Route 102. In the bushes I see a head sticking up and sneaked up on it. It was a stupid Surskit. I call it stupid because I had really wanted a Wurmple for a Dustox. I beat all the trainers on Route 102 easily. By this time my Mudkip (Muddy) is at level 10. I go into Petalburg City and heal up my Mudkip. Then I have a talk with Dad in his Gym when a boy called Wally walks up and asks for a Pokémon of his own. My dad lent's Wally one of his for Wally to use. Wally and I then go out to Route 102 to catch Wally a Pokémon. Wally encounters a Ralts. Which I think would be a good addition to my team too. Wally catches Ralts and we head back to my dad's Gym. Wally gives dad back his Pokémon and thanks the both of us. Dad then tells me my next stop should be Rustboro City and challenge Roxanne. I agree. But before that I have to go to Route 104. On Route 104 is a patch of grass. I entered the grass and encounter a wild male Zigzagoon. I think I would to catch it and add it to my team as an HM Slave, so I throw a Pokeball at it. Zigzagoon popped out! I throw another one at it and this time I catch it. Since this is a Nuzlocke I have to nickname it, so I nickname it Zigsy. After I beat Route 104 I come to Petalburg Woods. In Petalburg Woods I finally encounter a female Wurmple! I throw a Pokeball and catch it. I nickname it Dusty. Ahead I see a guy who looks like a professor. As I walked up to him a Team Aqua Grunt walks up to the professor looking guy who then hides behind me. As soon as I win the Team Aqua Grunt scrams away from me, scared of me. The professor looking guy gave me the Exp Share as a thank you for rescuing him. After Petalburg Woods I had a battle with someone's Shroomish that was so close I had to close my game and reset it. I skip the girl who had given me so much trouble and finally continued on my way. But on the bridge I meet two twins who almost Knock Out my Wurmple (Dusty) and Mudkip (Muddy) they each had 1 HP point at one point! I was so glad to have my Potions. But in the end I was able to head on my way to Rustboro City. I heal up my team before battling Roxanne. I save before interring the Gym. I easily beat the Gym's trainers, and challenging Roxanne. I beat her! Yay!

Part 2. After Roxanne gives me the Stone Badge I walk out of the Gym. A Team Aqua Grunt runs past me. The professor looking guy asks for my help again. So I go to Route 116 to follow the Team Aqua Grunt. On Route 116 I encounter a Tailow as my first encounter in Route 116. Sadly I knock it out with one hit from my Mudkip (Muddy). I beat the trainers on Route 116 and in the process evolve my Cascoon into Dustox (Dusty). I didn't think I recorded my Wurmple evolving into Cascoon, but it did! After Route 116 I head into Rustboro Tunnel. In Rustboro Tunnel I find a Whismur as my first encounter for Rustboro Tunnel. As its a Nuzlocke I and I want to keep it I nickname it: Whisperer. I head back on Route 116 to heal up my team. Now a team of four. After I heal up, I then go buy 10 Pokeballs at the Pokemart and head back to Rustboro Tunnel. In the tunnel I meet the Team Aqua Grunt and easily beat him, and take back the things he stole. In the process of beating the Team Aqua Grunt, Whisperer grew to level 10! At the Devon Ports place I talk to the president of the company and he says that I should make my way to Route 104 where Mr. Briny and his Peecko live (who I had also rescued earlier). In Granite Cave my Mudkip (Muddy) evolves into Marshtomp! But in the middle of Granite Cave is a man who says we need a Pokémon who knows Rock Smash to get to the other side of Granite Cave. (Also in Granite Cave my Dustox (Dusty) learned Confusion at level 12.) I go back on Route 104 and back through Petalburg Woods and onto another part of Route 104. I finally found where Mr. Briny lives! I go in and talk to him and he takes me to Dewford Town. At Dewford Town I get the old fishing rod from a fisher. I also notice a cave on Route 106 that turns out to be another part of Granite Cave. So I think it would be okay to add another Pokémon to my team since that part of Granite Cave is on a different island. The first encounter I had was a Makuhita at level 10! I'm so excited, because I had wanted to add a fighting type to my team for awhile now. I nickname him Fighter, since that is what he is. I train up against the fishers and the Pokémon in Granite Cave (some, but not a lot). I go into the Gym in Dewford Town, and save before battling any of the trainers. I'm not going to use my two normal types in this Gym. But instead I'm going to be using my Dustox (Dusty) Confusion against Brawly. I beat all the trainers and luckily I didn't lose any team members. I go back to the Pokémon Center and heal up my team. By now Dustox (Dusty) is at level 14, which I'm worried might be to under leveled. So I'll use Marshtomp only as a backup because right now its too over leveled for this Gym, being at level 18. Just before I challenge Brawly I save, and then I go in to challenge him. Brawly was maybe a little to easy with Dustox (Dusty) who crushed Brawly Machop with a few Gusts, then after Machop died, Dustox learned Poison Powder at level 15. Brawly's Makuhita was no trouble either. I did a Poison Powder on him and it landed, then I did a Gust, after Gust I did Confusion which caused him to be confused. So since he was confused he hurt himself in the confusion, leaving his HP to be in the low red. But the Poison finished Makuhita off. After all this Brawly gives me the Knuckle Badge and the TM Bulk UP.

Part 3. After Brawly I head to the Pokémon Center and heal up my team. I then go to Granite Cave (because that's where Brawly told me to go). I do all of that and Steven gives me the TM Steel Wing. Then I go to Slate port city with Mr. Briny. I beat all the trainers on Route 109, which is just a beach. At the ocean museum Team Aqua are all lined up to go in. But I pass through Slate port City and go onto Route 110. On Route 110 I see something sticking out of the grass. So I sneak up on it and it turned out to be a Voltorb! I get to catch it and nickname it Electricity. I go back to Seashore House and battle everyone. After that I go into Stern's Shipyard that I haven't been to yet. A guy tells me I should find captain Stern in the Oceanic Museum and the Team Aqua guys are finally gone! I go inside, inside and upstairs I find captain Stern. But then Team Aqua shows up to take the Devon Parts away from me. In that process they killed my Makuhita (Fighter) from me! (Meaning they killed it! Noooooo!) Stupid Carvanha! I should've used Voltorb (Electricity) against Carvanha, but no, I had to go and kill it. After I beat Team Aqua I go back to the Pokémon Center. At the Pokémon Center I sadly put Makuhita (Fighter) in the dead box. I then decide to put Whismur(Whisperer) in the Can Use box, because I didn't want two normal types on my team anymore. So that cuts my team from six down to four. So that's how I learned that a Carvanha is faster than a Makuhita the hard way. I try to go back along Route 110 but then the whole thing with Lisia and the Pokémon Contest thing happened, in which I got a Contest Pass from Lisia. Then I go back along Route 110 and underneath the Bike Road I encounter a Electrike as my first encounter (since this is a new part of Route 110 I think its okay to use Electrike). I nickname him Tricity. Along Route 110 Brendon wants to battle. I won the battle, but I still need to train my team up some because they're all around level 18, and I want them somewhere around level 21. I finally get to Mauville City, which is huge! Inside Mauville City, Wally and his uncle are there talking. Wally tells his uncle he wants to challenge the Mauville City Gym. Which is what I want to do. Wally goes over to the Gym and I follow. At the Gym Wally challenges me to a battle to show his uncle how strong he's gotten. Unfortunately for Wally I win. Once I heal up my team at the Pokémon Center I go back along Route 110 to train up my team before battling Watson. Leveling up some I head into Mauville and heal up my team. Then I go inside Mauville City's Gym. I easily crush all of the trainers with my Marshtomp(Muddy) even with knowing the risks that Marshtomp could die. But I make it through. I save my game after receiving the badge, and after I beat Watson Zigzagoon grew to level 20 and evolves into a Linoone!

Part 4. While I was in Mauville City I decided to get a bike. So I go into Rydal's shop. Rydal let's me choose a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike. I choose the Mach Bike. Afterwards I go on Route 118 and fish. I caught a Magikarp and nickname it Fishy, because he's fishy. I head back to the Pokémon Center. I heal up my team and put Magikarp (Fishy) into the Can Use Box. Back on Route 117 I beat all the trainers near the Pokémon Day Care. In the patch of grass my first encounter is a Oddish. I catch him and nickname him Odd, because he's a little odd. I put Oddish (Odd) back in the Pokémon Center's Box because I don't want an Oddish on my team. I beat Route 117 and heal up my team at the Pokémon Center. Then I go into Rusturf Tunnel and I end up on Route 116 which I don't think is where I should be. So I go back along the to Mauville City and head up. Before I could go out I overhear Team Aqua talking about Mt. Chimney. I walk along Route 111, nothing interesting happened except me battling all the trainers and winning. On Route 112 though, I encounter a Machop as my first encounter. I nickname it Fighter 2, after my poor dead Makuhita. While I'm still on Route 112 I'm having a battle with a guy called Hiker Trent, and he as three Geodudes. While I'm battling him I'm using my newly caught Machop (Fighter 2) because fighting is super effective against ground and because I was trying to level up Machop. But anyways Machop died because stupid Trent's Geodude kept using Rollout and being successful with it. But after Machop (Fighter 2) died, I go back to Mauville City and sadly put Machop in the Dead Box. I also put Voltorb (Electricity) in the Can Use Box because I feel like Electrike (Tricity) is at a high enough level now to my main electric type. After all of that I go back to the dreadful Route 112. (Why do I have so much bad luck with fighting types? None of my other Pokémon have died!) I go into the cave and it turned out to be Fiery Path. On Fiery Path as my first encounter I encounter a female Numel. I catch it after using three Pokeballs and nickname it Fiery One. I continued along Route 112 and beat it. At the end of Route 112 is someone waiting for me. He turns out to be the Secret Base building guide. He shows me all about them. After that I continue on. On Route 113 my first encounter was a Spinda, which I didn't want, so I killed it. Also on Route 113 I found the TM Double Team! In Fallarbor Town Professor Cozma has been kidnapped. So now I have a new mission. That mission: To find Professor Cozma and rescue him! And the best way to do that is go on Route 114. So I do. While I was on was battling one of the Fishers I had Electrike (Tricity) out battling his Gyarados. Gyarados knocked Electrike out, killing him. So then I go back to the Pokémon Center in Fallarbor Town. In the Pokémon Center I sadly put Electrike (Tricity) into the Dead Box. But luckily I still have Voltorb (Electricity) that I caught before. So I take it back out of the Can Use Box and add it to my team again. I continued on Route 114 with Voltorb. So far this is three deaths from my team. On Route 114 my first encounter was a male Swablu. I decide to catch it and nickname it Flyer, because its my flyer on my team. When I got to Meteor Falls my Pokémon encounter was a Lunatune. I threw so many Pokeballs at it, so that when I finally caught it, I nickname it Trouble.

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