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The legacy of my nuzlocke in...

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

What's up, what's up, fellow users. In this blog, I will be going over my nuzlocke in the Pokemon ROM hack "Pokemon: Blazing Emerald"! Stay tuned.

Once I'm able to select my starter after breaking free from the moving truck, I'm presented with a ton of different options for starters.

After a long time of theory crafting and planning alongside one of my good friends, I eventually choose Hoennian Pawniard (Yes, Blazing Emerald has Hoennian forms of some pokemon.), and I name it "Sha Shing".

I beat May's level 6 Eevee, and get Pokeballs. Heading up to Route 103, I find a Poochyena that I was able to catch. It probably won't be of use later, but I aptly name it "Doggo".

102 presents me with a Poliwag that I was able to catch and name "Piddly".

104 gives me a pokemon that will actually be useful later on. A Snubbull. Now, Snubbull is not useful on its own, but THIS one has an Adamant Nature, along with Intimidate, making it a very useful pivot. I name it "Pit Bull".

Petalburg Wood's encounter was a Caterpie, which I was ecstatic about, because Butterfree is one of my favorite Bug Types. But I got a little *too* excited, because I ended up killing it with a critical hit cut from Sha Shing. Oh well.

Once I reach Rustboro City, my team is around level 14. Pit Bull learned Covet along the way, making making not so useless as an attacker against the rock types I'm about to go up against.

I make my way to the gym, battle my way through all the trainers, and reach Roxxane. Our first major battle in this game. Let's see how we hold up.

Roxxane leads with Aron, and I lead with Sha Shing. Sha Shing is easily capable of taking this Aron out with just 3 Cuts. (Cut had been changed to a steel type move in this game.)

She then goes into Geodude, and I switch into Pit Bull to heal up Sha Shing, and to get an Intimidate off.

Sha Shing comes back in to take out the Geodude with 2 cuts.

Roxxane then switches in her ace, which has been changed from Nosepass to Hoennian Mareanie.

I swap in Pit Bull 4 times to ensure this thing does absolutely 0 damage with its attacks, then swap back into Sha Shing to take this thing down with another 3 cuts, earning us our first gym badge of the run.

Once I step out of the gym, some random Team Aqua Grunt steals something that is apparently very important, and who's the one to deal with that? Me. So I head on over to the next route, where I find a Nincada. I tried catching it, but ended up killing it, like the Caterpie.

Once I'm in Rusturf Tunnel, I encounter (surprise) a Whismur. I was actually able to catch it, and name it "Big Bang". I then save Peeko, but I actually had to sack off Big Bang, because the Poochyena I was fighting had +4 attack from spamming howl. So, first death. Goodbye, Big Bang. You would've been a valuable asset to the team, and I only had you for around 5 minutes, but you will be missed.

How about some encounters to lighten the mood?

I arrive at Dewford, and immediately head south to Dewshine Beach, which is a new location that was added in Blazing Emerald. Additionally, Brawley has been replaced with a Dark type specialist, and his name is Blake.

My encounter on Dewshine is a Weedle, which I kill, but on purpose, because I really don't think Beedrill will be useful at any given time.

I then have to do a multi battle against 2 Team Magma Grunts, along with Blake. While fighting them, I realize just how underleveled my team is, compared to Blake. His lowest level pokemon is his Murkrow, which is level 20, and my HIGHEST level pokemon was only level 17. So after Murkrow basically carries our team into victory, I do some grinding at Dewshine, until my team is around level 23. I then go to Dewford Cave to get my next encounter, which happens to be a Machop! I catch it, and I name it "Cuddles", mostly because I didn't know what to name it.

I make my way to the 2nd gym, and start beating the trainers all around for EXP. Along the way, Pit Bull actually evolves into a might Granbull! So that should make the 2nd gym pretty easy.

Blake leads with Murkrow, of course, and I lead with Pit Bull. I get the Intimidate off, but Murkrow outspeeds, and is able to land a Wing attack. But I immediately OHKO it with a Covet from Pit Bull.

He then swaps in Sneasel, and I figure that this is the perfect time to show off my new Machop. His Sneasel may be level 22, while Cuddles is level 18, but it doesn't matter, as a single Low Kick is able to take it out, after it Quick attacks.

Blake's final pokemon, and his ace, is a houndour. I swap in Pit Bull to get the Intimidate off, and then it uses Howl, meaning the Houndour is at Neutral attack.

What does Blake decide to do? Waste the next 2 turns using Howl as I use Covet twice to knock it out, earning us our 2nd gym badge of the run! Off to Mauville...

I TRY to go to Mauville, but remember that I never gave the letter to Steven. So I do that, get Steel wing, blah blah blah, we're in Slateport! I have to fight off a bunch of Team Aqua Grunts before I can get Mauville. Before that, Mauville is inaccessible. So I do just that, very easily, and start making my way to Mauville! On the way, I pick up a Farfetch'd that I name "Go Fetch!".

Once I'm in Mauville, I go and get a Bike. I choose the Acro Bike, because I don't have a need for speed.

I get another encounter on the route left of Mauville, and it turns out to be a Butterfree! Maybe I can use one after all...

Is what I wish I COULD say, If Sha Shing didn't OHKO with a Critical Hit Play Rough.

After that conundrum, I go and face Wally, who actually has a decent team in this game, consisting of a Magnemite, a Kirlia, and a Swablu.

It's all no match for the mighty Pit Bull, however, and I start making my way to Wattson.

While in his gym, Cuddles evolves into a Machoke! That should be a useful upgrade, considering his ace...

Anyways, I fight Wattson. Our first actually SCARY battle of the run. Let's hope we make it out alive.

Wattson leads with Hoennian Dunsparce, which Pit Bull is easily capable of taking out with just 2 Covets.

Wattson switches in Luxio, and I go into Sha Shing, just to pivot into Pit Bull for another Intimidate. PitBull takes it out with a few Covets.

Wattson then switches in Electrode, which I know is going to explode, so I switch into Sha Shing to take as little damage as possible against it. It KO's itself!

And finally, his Ace.


I know I can't OHKO this monster, so I switch into Pit Bull, for its inevitable sacrifice.

Magmezone goes for the Overcharge... (A new electric type move in this ROM hack. It has 150 base power, but it paralyzes you after usage.)

And Pit Bull goes down.

I swap into Cuddles to hopefully finish this battle off before this thing ravages through more of my team.

I go for the Revenge, and outspeed thanks to the Para. It doesn't doesn't Magnezone...

But Magnezone gets fully paralyzed, allowing me to use another revenge to KO this Magnezone, and earn ourselves the 3rd gym badge of the run.

Overall, a successful victory, but how in the WORLD are we going to pull ourselves up from this situation with our star member of the team dead?

I guess just wait to find out, as I continue this legacy.

Onto Flannery. Let's go.

After that tragedy, I go and get some more encounters.

I catch a Growlithe, with Intimidate, and name it "Doggo V.2". I send it to the box, because I don't want to risk another death.

I also catch a Houndour before reaching Fallarbor town, and name it "Firefox".

I start grinding up these 2 new members, only to evolve Firefox at the very next level! It learns the really good boosting move "Dark Bargain", which sharply raises Speed, Special Attack, and Accuracy, but gives you the Curse effect. This ends up being Firefoxe's downfall, as in the very next battle, which was against a Geodude, it crit me with rock throw, and I use Dark Bargain, just to test it out. The rock throw by the Geodude had left me with 7 HP, which was enough for Curse to take me out. RIP Firefox.

Anyway, I reach Fallarbor, heal at the Pokemon Center, and head on over to the next route, where I find a Lombre! I catch it, and name it "Critter". This should be good against the 4th gym.

I make my way through all the boring story that takes place in Fallarbor, fail a Zubat encounter, beat the Team Magma Admin, and challenge Maxie.

Maxie leads with Hoennian Ursaring, and I lead with Critter.

Critter uses Fake Out, which of course flinches Ursaring.

I then try to use Bubble Beam, but Ursaring outspeeds, and goes for the Blaze Kick.

Critter didn't die, but also, oh my god. I then crit with Bubble Beam, KO'ing Ursaring.


Okay, I'm gonna be honest for a second.

I forgot what Maxie's second pokemon was, and despite looking it up, I didn't get any results.

So, we'll just skip over that.

Maxie then sends out Camperupt, and...

Yeah, this is anticlimactic.

I outspeed, and OHKO Camerupt with a single Bubble Beam, winning me the match.

I then start making my way down to Lavaridge Town, but I get an encounter beforehand! And this one is a DOUBLE encounter. I have to choose between Hoennian Maractus, or Gligar. I TRY to catch Hoennian Maractus, but end up killing, failed encounter. Again.

Anyway, let's skip over all the gym stuff, and get right in to the battle with Flannery.

This fight should be a joke.

She leads with Larvesta, and I lead with Critter.i don't want to risk a Flame Body proc, which would give me passive damage every turn, so I just Bubble Beam. Turns out, I didn't NEED to Fake Out, because Bubble Beam was enough to score the KO!

Flannery then goes into Rapidash, and I stay in. Rapidash of course outspeeds me, and uses Bounce. Which is scary.

I still choose to stay in, because I know that I can live at least 1.

Sure enough, I do live a Bounce. However, Bubble Beam wasn't enough to KO.

And since I know that Rapidash is gonna go for Bounce again, I swap into Sha Shing. Surely enough, Rapidash uses Bounce.

I then go for Protect the turn it was supposed to hit me with Bounce.

Once Rapidash fails to hit me, I realize that Sha Shing is actually FASTER than Rapidash, meaning a Slash can take out the remainder of its health.

Flannery then goes into Camperupt, and I go into Critter.

Again, this is very anticlimactic. Critter goes for the Bubble Beam, outspeeds, and OHKO's it.

Flannery's final pokemon is Hoennian Skarmory.

I know this thing is Steel/Fire type, so I swap into Cuddles to do big damage with Submission.

sure enough, Skarmory dies when I use Submission, earning us the 4th Gym Badge of the run!

Overall, a pretty uneventful part of the game. But now we have to fight Norman.

Our toughest fight yet. Let's go.

So, a main reason why part 5 took... a LONG time to come out, is because I was busy overlevelling the hell outta my team. I brought Doggo the Poochyena back onto the team, after saying it was useless a really long time ago.

I also found a Gligar on the sandstorm route, and named it "Hot Shot".

I also remember a feature in Mauville city that was added in this game, called the "Wonder Trade Machine". basically, you pay $10,000 to get Wonder Traded a random pokemon. I'm counting this as the encounter for Mauville City.

So, I pay $10,000, and get Wonder traded an Absol! It's level 5, so I have to level it up to be on par with the rest of the team.

Finally, after around 2 weeks, I level my ENTIRE team to level 49.

I don't care if it's considered "Cheating" or "Cheesy", because this is my run. My run, my rules.

I make my way to Petalburg, start making my way through the gym trainers, and lose Cuddles the Machoke to a Brave Bird that I didn't know a Farfetch'd had. It was a crit.

Once I make it to Norman, I of course start the fight with him.

He leads with Linoone, and I lead with Doggo. Strangely enough, Intimidate didn't take effect, and that's because Doggo has Strong Jaw. You know what else Doggo has? Crunch.

So yeah. I was ready to STAB Strong Jaw boosted Crunch my way through Norman's team.

Linoone uses Extreme Speed, which I of course live, because I'm level 49. I OHKo the Linoone with Crunch.

Norman then switches in Blissey, which has terrible Defense, so a Crunch OHKo's it.

Norman sends out Exploud, and I go into our newly acquired Absol, which doesn't have a name, because the Wonder Trade feature doesn't ask if you want to Nickname your Pokemon when you get it.

I use Swords Dance, and Exploud uses Hyper Voice, which I live, somehow.

I then Night Slash, which absolutely DESTROYS Exploud.

Norman sends out his ace, which is Slaking. I outspeed, use Night Slash, it crits, and I OHKo Slaking, winning me the 5th gym badge!

Winning that battle got Sha Shing to level 50, meaning I FINALLY have a Hoennian Bisharp!

Onto Winona, I guess.

So, after getting Surf and teaching it to Critter, I go to Mauville city, just to head west to the water route where the rest of the game lies.

I pick up a Hoennian Tentacool on that same route, and I name it "Gelato". I level it up to 51 (with rare candies, because I'm lazy), evolve it into Tentacruel, fail a Sentret encounter, get a Tropius on the next route that I name "Brontasaur", and make it to the Weather Institute.

I start making my way through the building after boxing Brontasaur, and make my way to the Aqua Admin, Shelly.

She Leads with Hoennian Dewgong, and I lead with Sha Shing. I absolutely annihilate this thing with a single Play Rough, which leads to Shelly sending out her ace, which is Gorebyss.

I Send out Gelato, and destroy this stupid fish with a single Overcharge, winning me the fight, and securing me a Castform that I name "Molecule". I immediately box it, and head out to Fortree City, only to be interrupted by May, who wanted to have a battle. after researching her team on the Blazing Emerald Wiki, I plan out a strategy that will definitely win me the battle.

She leads with a Raichu, and I lead with Doggo. I go for Taunt immediately, canceling canceling the use of Raichu's Tail Glow, which it faithfully uses, meaning I basically skipped Raichu's Turn. The next 2 moves are both Crunch, and I take out the Raichu.

May then goes into Clefable, and I go into Sha Shing. I immediately take it out with a single Iron Head.

May's final pokemon is Espeon, and my counter is Doggo. I take it out with a Crunch, winning me the battle, and earning me the HM for Fly.

After that, I go to Fortree City, which apparently has Grass in this game. So I run around, and find another Sentret. I catch it, name it "Useless", and box it.

Heading onto the next route, I fight a Parasol lady who sends out a Wailord. I go into Doggo, and actually OHKo it with a Crunch, which I was not expecting. It's not really important, but I thought it was pretty cool.

I find, and somehow catch a Heracross, naming it "Buster", because it busted out of an absurd amount of Great Balls before I caught it.

With the Devon Scope in tow, I head to the Fortree Gym, make my way through the Gym, and challenge Winona.

She leads with Pelipper, whice I easily take ou. With 2 Crunches from Doggo after Pelipper just heats 2 very weak Icy winds.

She then switches in Aerodactyl, and I go into Gelato. I'm EASILY capable of taking this thing out with a single Liquidation.

Winona sends out Tropius, and I go into Doggo, who learned the move "Frostbite" before this gym. It's essentially a much more powerful Ice Fang. I use it, and OHKo Tropius.

Winona then switches in what I assume is the Hoennian evolution of Farfetch'd. Some weird bird named "Mallark'i".

Regardless, I go into Gelato and take this thing out with a single Liquidation.

Winona's final pokemon, and her ace, thankfully isn't Altaria.Altaria. It's Hoennian Dodrio, which Gelato is easily capable of taking this thing out with a single Liquidation, because Dodrio is a Ground/Flying type in this.

Well, that was an easy 6th gym badge. See you for Tate and Liza!

Before I get into part 7, lemme just say that anytime I say that I "grinded" a pokemon up to be on par with the rest of my team, I actually mean that I used Rare candies on it, because I don't wanna waste more time grinding up something when I'm expected to release more of this series.

So, after tossing Buster the Heracross onto the team and grinding it up, I head onto the next route, where I fail a Murkrow encounter. I then head onto Mr. Pyre, catch a Shuppet that I name "Cheese", immediately lose it because I'm stupid, get the Magma Emblem, and head on over to Lilycove, where I have to fight May.

She leads with, well, I forgot. We'll just say that Buster OHKO'd it with a single Megahorn, because that's probably what happened.

She then goes into Tropius, which Doggo is easily capable of taking out with a single Frostbite.

May then sends out Clefable, which I can take out with a single Iron Head from Sha Shing.

Then, may sends out her Raichu, and I go into Absol, which I GUARENTEE you forgot I had on my team.

Anyways, I go for the Slash after meaning to go for the Night Slash, get the static Proc, get hit with an Overcharge, get fully paralyzed next turn, and go down to another Overcharge. RIP Absol, I guess.

Anyways, Gelato can come in and clean up the rest of the battle, after taking a Psycho Boost that her Espeon SOMEHOW had.

Skipping through irrelevant story stuff...

Mossdeep City, baby! Oh yeah, I also caught an Electrode in the Aqua hideout, named it "Rollin'", added it to the team alongside Protector the Wingull, and grinded them both up.

Time for the gym.

Making my way through the gym was an easy task. Time for Tate and Liza!

They both lead with Hypno and Grumpig, and I lead with Gelato and Doggo.

Gelato takes out the Hypno with a single Liquidation, while Doggo takes out the Grumpig with a Crunch. After that,, they send out Hoennian Reuniclus (A Psychic/Grass type in this game!) And Lunatone.

I opted to switch out Doggo for Protector, because it has the type advantage against Reuniclus.

Meanwhile, Gelato uses Poison Jab against the Reuniclus, because I want to make sure that a Fly from Protector kills. Lunatone just goes for a Psychic into Gelato, while Reuniclus sets up a Calm Mind. Gelato kills the Lunatone with a Crit Liquidation, while Protector flies into the air.

They send out Alakazam as Lunatones replacement, but Gelato is still more than capable of mudering this thing with a single Liquidation, while Pelipper outspeeds Reuniclus, and KO's it with fly, winning me the gym battle, and the badge!

Time for Juan, I guess.

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