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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Hey guys. Here I'll talk about my Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke. I'm new to Nuzlocking so I can't really say anything about them because I'm still doing my first Nuzlocke of Alpha Sapphire and I'm loving that. So I'll post some pictures of it.

My two favorite generations of Pokémon.

My two favorite gens are by far generations six and eight. Even though officiously my first generation I played was gen seven. I love X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Although you probably already know, I have X and Alpha Sapphire. I love Pokémon X and Y because of the easy gameplay and the amazing pokedex it has to offer. I love Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire because of the ability to ride Latios and Latias once you have the flute, and as a bonus you can mega evolve them in gen six. Moving on to gen eight. I love Sword and Shield's story line and how easy you can make your team member's level at level one hundred super easy.

How I came to like Pokémon and how its relevant to this site.

My Story...
(Beware this is going to be really long!)

So here is my story. I was home schooled for most of my life except in Kindergarten. I went and still go to a CC group that is called Classical Conversations. There I met a guy who is a little older than I am. In a little while we become friends. Then one day when I was over at his house he said, “Hey, let's go look at my Pokémon cards!” I had no idea what he was even talking about, but I follow him upstairs anyways.

Once we're up in his room he pulls out a strange looking box (one of those $20 ones) and started to shuffle through them. They were very strange to me at the time and then he gave me some. (I don't really remember how many . . . maybe like, two or three.) I still have those cards today. One was a Gible and a Muna.

After that happened we started to watch the Pokémon anime. I think it was X and V because I remember Ash walking around with a Hawlucha. At the time the Pokémon were all so weird looking, partly because I didn't really know any of Pokémon or the characters. I thought Hawlucha in particular looked really weird with that beak and bat like wings. But now I think that Hawlucha is just a cool Pokémon. So since Hawlucha was out that means Pokémon X and Y were already released . . . released in 2013. I'm saying all of this to myself because I don't really remember the year these events took place for me.

Let's fast forward a little bit then. After I had been collecting Pokémon cards for a little bit, we were still doing the CC community thing and things came and went in our group. For three years this happened, the first year was Pokémon cards, the second was Star Wars with the little plastic light sabers, the third year was yo-yos. I didn't take part in the yo-yo year because I didn't really like them. After those three years Pokémon began to make a comeback in our CC group and I think this was around the time Sun and Moon, came out in 2016. A little after Sun and Moon came out, I met another CC family who was new in our group. They have a son a little older than my younger brother and a daughter around the same age as my one of my younger sisters.

Our families quickly became good friends and we started to hang around each other. Then one night we were at their house and the parents were talking at the table and we were playing video games in the living room. I picked up our friend's Nintendo 3dsxl and asked if I could play it. My friend said yes. I saw that my friend had Pokémon Ultra Sun for it and amazed that there was actually a Pokémon GAME. I started to play it and instantly fell in love with it. My friend was at the part where you battle the blank at the blank. The friend didn't have any over leveled team members; in fact, he had under leveled team members. So it was impossible to beat Team blank. So I just encountered wild Pokémon in the grass, and even doing that I loved it. From that moment on I started saving my money for a 3dsxl with a Pokémon game. I ended up buying a Switch instead, and now looking back I really wished I had bought a 3dsxl instead.

When Pokémon Sword and Shield came out I wasn't really interested in it. I don't know why because I was really excited about buying Let's Go Eevee for the Switch after Sword and Shield came out. Then Christmas of 2019 my uncle and aunt got my family the double pack of Sword and Shield. I remember being really disappointed because I had really wanted Shield for myself. But it ended up that my younger brother got Sword and I got Shield.

Why I created this site.

I created this site because people kept posting what was happening in their Nuzlocke adventure on Pokémon Database. So I thought, why not created a site where you could post what happens in your Playthrough or Nuzlockes on a website where everyone could see them? Then they could also ask for help and advice on their Playthroughs and Nuzlockes on a separate page if they wanted to.

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